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All our breeding news !


3 more clutches for our orientalis ! 



We can finally add not one but 2 new clutches to our incubator for our orientalis this weekend! 😁🥚🥚 With Savrii and Phala, Yharnam also laid a good egg but she's never been paired .. Pairing mistake, sperm retention or parthenogenesis, we don't know but she's thriving and that's all that matters ! 

355175024_640138011497287_4625736368403155395_n (1)_edited.jpg

More orientalis eggs than expected  !



With Phala waiting for her second clutch, very pleased to discover Savrii being gravid, even if Abbadon is a bit young he did a great job ! Yharnam is too young to breed this year but she is gonna lay slugs so it's great sign for her first season in 2024 ! 


Our breeding pairs are finally complete  !



After several months of research, we finally had the opportunity to got a new Goniurosaurus yamashinae male who will start breeding next year and a gorgeous little Strophurus wellingtonae female that will be growing for the next 2 years ! Very happy to welcome Serosh and Greyll at home 😁🔥!

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