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Strophurus wellingtonae tanks

Juvenile's maintenance


As we only own a juvenile pair, we set up 2 30/30/45 exo terra tank. It's an arboreal and desertic specie, so a mix of thin branchs, dry coco fiber and sand will be a perfect fit for their maintenance !

They need 29-30 degrees for the hot spot, a ceramic and 5.0 or 10.0 UV lamp will be perfect to get good temperatures and brightness this specie need.

The goal is having enough space to hide during the day cause they're strictly nocturnal. The branch will also be used by the geckos to hunt the insects using all the space available in the tank 

We'll also feed them with dubia's using a bowl, we'll throw crickets in the tank so it can hunt once in a while. They're desertic specie but a lightly and daily spraying is needed to keep them hydrated.


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