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Terrarium des Uroplatus phantasticus

Adults maintenance


For this specie where intra specific agression is very low, we build up a 45/45/60 cm glass tank. They can live in pair all year long depending on the tank set up and behavior. Substrate is a mix of sphagnum, dead leaves and  organice potting soil

For the plants, we used multiple Ficus benjamina and dead leaves so they can exploit mimicry at it's full potential and feeling good and secure 

This specie lives on the east cost of Madagascar and more precisely in low level of the mild forests. Temperatures during the day must be between 22 and 24 degrees. A drop to 18-19 degrees during the night is needed.

We can easily get these with a 5.0 13 watt UV that will be stopped during the hottest days. A 14 watt Exo terra neon give the plants all the light they need to grow without producing much heat. 


Being endemic of humid forests, 1 pulverisation in the morning and evening are needed to havea good humidity level and keeping them hydrated .  

The tank must also be well ventilated  to avoid humidity stagnation and keep an optimum air renewal. It's also used to cool down the tank during the hot season.

They live by pair but they need to be separated during the 3 months of brumation to let the female rest.

Winter temperatures are mild : about 20 during the day and 15-16 at night are nice. We keep them in 30/30/45 tanks with ambient temps. They'll keep on feeding but less during that period.


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