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Our little ones !

In this section, you can come and admire all the juveniles born with us.

Each cub is classified according to its species and its parents . So all you have to do is refer to our "Cheptel" section to see what the parents of each juvenile look like if you are interested.

Given the rapid and changing evolution of juveniles during their first month of life, we will update their photos every 1 to 2 weeks so that you can follow their development as well as possible.

We pay great attention to the health and immunity of our reptiles, which is why we take care to deworm all our adults as well as all our juveniles before their departure. This makes it possible to avoid any parasitic infestation and to develop their immune defenses from an early age.

If you ever hesitate and need advice or additional information, do not hesitate to go to our "Useful Info" section , our "Reptiblog" or at Contact us !

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