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Our non-breeding reptiles 


Blaze is a fairly classic female albino Tremper phase leopard gecko born in Belgium. She is the origin of our passion, she is the very first reptile that we have welcomed into our home and since that day, like her, this passion has never left us.

In terms of size and behavior, it is completely the opposite of all the other geckos that we breed. She refuses almost any food offered to the claws and physiology of a typically wild gecko. She only feeds on the strict minimum she needs for her daily maintenance and a weight of around 45 grams.

Many people worry when their gecko is losing weight or not gaining weight, but it is often forgotten that they are not high metabolic animals like most pets. They live very well with a reasonable weight as long as you make sure there is no pathological cause behind. They are animals that self-regulate very effectively as soon as they feel the need to.

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