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Nos Goniurosaurus orientalis reproducteurs

Japanese cave geckos

Rordrac and Phala

Rordrac and Phala are a pair of Classic phase Goniurosaurus orientalis which were selected by Mike's Reptipark in Europe. They arrived at our breeding on September 19, 2019 and they allowed us to realize a dream project that we had had for several years. It is a species still not very widespread in captivity due to its fierce character and its poor tolerance to maintenance errors. Noting that since the 14th October 2021, this specie as entered the annex III of CITES.

It is also a species which is classified "endangered" according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and it is also for this reason that we were really keen to maintain and reproduce this species. Because of their characters, they are geckos whose taming and desensitization will take time before they can consider handling and feeding without causing them too much stress. But it is a truly magnificent species both in terms of physique and maintenance and which really deserves to be more represented in the world of terrariums.

Yharnam, Savrii et Abaddon

Raime is a femelle Goniurosaurus orientalis NC 2018 we got from a reptile keeper that didn't have the time to care for her anymore. She arrived in mai 2022 to boost our breeding project in view of the small number of young that each female can produce per year . An other mind blowing occasion !

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