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Our Eublepharis macularius breeders

Leopard geckos


Gorgi is an Eublepharius Macularius or Phase Electric Line Bell or ABEL het Eclipse male leopard gecko born in Belgium. It is a very calm gecko and has an unwavering consistency when it comes to foraging. He eats everything but is one of those who categorically refuses to be clamp-fed. It is the small wild gecko par excellence but it is a cream during handling coupled with a curious finish.


Ouro is a male phase leopard gecko Phantom Giant het eclipse born in Canada . Due to this phase, it sports beautiful beige / light yellow shades very contrasted. He is much more massive than a normal male without being bigger, he is surprisingly very slender for his size. Paradoxically, he is the most shy of all and he is an expert in the field of leakage!


Lukum is a female Mack Snow White and Yellow Tremper Abyssinian phase leopard gecko born in Belgium. This phase gives it these beautiful white and yellow colors enhanced by these eyes with pink veins characteristic of the Tremper albinism gene.

She is a very plump little female, who likes her peace and who eats relatively well when she does not decide to go on a diet because of food lassitude. It is for these small phenomena that it is interesting to have different insect species to offer throughout the year.


Adamai is a female leopard gecko born at Natural Geckos. in France from ABEL phase cross het RADAR. She joined our kennel in December 2020.


We chose it because we love the ABEL phase and we have a lot of projects with it. She has just exceptional markings and color intensity, we can't wait to have her evolve in the coming year and to start our projects with her!


Kae is a female leopard gecko born in Canada but selected in Belgium from Tangerine Tornado phase . That is to say that she expresses various shades of orange ranging from very dark tones on her body to a "paprika" color on her head and tail.


She eats everything and made the par with Seija when it came to rocking out of their terrariums. She is a large-bodied female who mainly concentrates her reserves in the muscles and bones, unlike the others which store in the adipose tissue of the tail. Which gives him a fairly slender physique despite his past 70 grams.

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