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 Our breeding's guarantees

Quality feeding :

Insects from our own breeding

We breed insects since 2017 and we're totally independent in term of feeding till 2019. We mostly breed Blaptica dubia, Pycnocelus sp. and Blaberus cranifer. We also breed Bombyx eri to diversify the preys we give to all our reptiles for better feeding. All our coakroaches are fed with fresh fruits, vegetables and  boost proteined growth flour once a week.


Preventive deworming of all our reptiles

Each of our reptiles, whether adult or juvenile, undergo a preventive deworming program that takes place over 2 weeks where they receive the equivalent of 1 to 2 ml of Panacur depending on their weight. That is to say an intake of 0.2 to 0.4 ml every 3 days in order to provide them with the strongest possible immune defense.


Veterinary control visit

A veterinarian approved in the care of Nacs and more specifically of reptiles carries out at our request 2 control visits per year of our breeding. Given the number of reptiles in our breeding, it is obviously impossible for us to travel to the veterinary clinic. It is also a source of less stress for our juveniles whose state of health is controlled in their living environment.


Certificate of transfer and breeding sheet

Upon delivery of your reptile, you will receive 2 documents: the transfer certificate and the breeding sheet for your juvenile.

The certificate of transfer of non-domestic animals proves that you obtained your reptile legally. It will also contain all of your animal's information: ID, gender, species, legal status, price and all your personal information. The certificate will be drawn up in 2 copies, a copy of which we will keep in order to prove the traceability of your juvenile from the moment of its birth with us to your arrival at your place.

The breeding sheet will be that of your juvenile that we will have already started to fill during the first months of its life. You will be able to find there the first dates of weighings (which are carried out every 2 weeks), the corresponding weight as well as the date of the moults that we could have observed.


Safety and standards when transporting our animals

When we deliver our reptiles, we make every effort to ensure that their biological requirements are respected and that the stress felt during the trip is reduced. This is why we transport them in Braplast boxes which are themselves stored in a polystyrene transport box. This box is coupled with reusable heaters that will keep the juveniles at the right temperature throughout the transport.

For deliveries to France, we work with France express that's the only authorized carrier for delivering living animals. We do the packaging ourselves with secured poly boxes, heat packs, wedging particles and sealing methods for fragile contents.


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