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Eublepharis macularius tanks

Adult maintenance

Batterie de terrariums en OSB3

For this kind of geckos, we have a battery of 12 OSB 3 wooden terrariums 18mm thick for optimal thermal insulation.

Each male and female gecko lives alone in its own terrarium.

Each terrarium makes


They are equipped with 75 watt ceramic lamp, 2.0 UVB lamp or 5.0 according to the need of each animal. Everything is under thermostatic control.

Terrarium désertique
Terrarium désertique

The layout is made so that there is a hiding place at the hot spot

(32 ° -35 ° C), one at the cold point

(25 ° -27 ° C) and 2-3 additional hiding places in intermediate temperature zones.

The night temperature is maintain around   20 ° -23 ° C.

Without forgetting a bowl of water and a cup of calcium both in the cold spot.

Maintenance of juveniles

Juveniles are reared in the same space, temperature and lighting conditions as adults.

Except that we decided to breed them in groups of 2 to 4 individuals in a community terrarium for better socialization.

Terrarium désertique

Because of the group housing of the juveniles, they are placed in racks only when space is scarce, if a juvenile support cohabitation less or when we can sex a male in our groups. They are immediately housed individually in racks to ensure their good health as well as that of the groups that are housed in the terrarium.

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