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Reservation / Purchase

Reservation of your animal


You will have noticed while browsing our site that there is no direct payment method like a classic webshop. We want to have an exchange with our customers in order to advise them and to conclude a reservation or a purchase adapted to each one.


To book an animal, all you have to do is contact us by e-mail or PM Facebook by providing us with its ID and we can discuss to conclude your purchase.

If you decide to reserve a juvenile that is not yet available for sale, we will ask you for a 25% deposit which will be kept until the juvenile is ready to go. We will send you a reminder by e-mail or PM as soon as your juvenile is 2 months old and has a good start.

If you ever change your mind about choosing your animal and decide to choose another on our site, your deposit will obviously be deducted from the price of the animal you ultimately choose. If you decide not to acquire another juvenile instead of your first choice, your deposit will obviously not be refunded.

Namely that a deposit does not constitute an act of purchase. If we believe that a little one will not have the living conditions required for his well-being or that it turns out to be suitable for our future projects, we reserve the right to cancel the sale with refund of your deposit at the key.


Purchase of your pet


Once your deposit has been paid and if the animal is already available, you will have the necessary time to finalize your payment (15 days) before the animal is put back for sale on the site and your deposit, a fortiori, not refunded.


You will receive your animal at home after the finalization of your payment, on a day which will have been previously fixed. This allows us to plan our deliveries, to deworm our juveniles in due form before their departure. It also allows us to chip away at them if their species and destination require it.

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