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Delivery / Shipping costs


As private breeders, we have decided to deliver our animals ourselves in order to be sure that they will arrive safely and in good health. We deliver everywhere in Belgium and we will fix the date and time of delivery during our exchange.

As for delivery in France or in other countries, we hand it over to France express with whom we have a contract and who can deliver our animals anywhere in France for shipping costs of course . For other countries or those for which the shipping costs would be too high, we plan to participate in the stock exchanges in Arras, Bois d'Arcy, Béthune and Houten according to our availability. We will therefore be able to deliver our geckos during its purses to those we have reserved in advance and without any additional shipping costs.

You will understand that given the terms of delivery as well as the particular physiology of these animals that we cannot afford to leave the animal in front of your home if you are not present to receive it. We will therefore be obliged to leave with the animal to ensure its well-being and we therefore reserve the right to cancel your delivery and your payment will be lost all the more.

We also reserve the right to postpone delivery if the weather conditions are not favorable enough for transport (especially in winter). We will notify you in order to set another delivery day. The well-being of our animals and your future companion is our priority.


Since we deliver our animals ourselves in Belgium, we must take into account the cost of the journey, the depreciation of our vehicle, the transport as well as the safety and well-being of the animal during it. We have therefore adapted the transport costs according to the mileage traveled between our breeding center and your home. We will calculate them and integrate them into the price of the animal during our exchange.


For people living in France, the shipping costs will be applied by France express. They take into account your address, the weight of the package, the assurance that the geckos are in good hands, that they will arrive safe and sound, and the fuel surcharge. It will also be necessary to count the expenses paid for the purchase of the sending material (polystyrene box, Braplast, heaters, particles of wedges, etc ..) that we have to obtain. But in this case, the price of this material will already be included in the basic price of the animal, which is not the case for the shipping costs.

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