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Goniurosaurus orientalis tanks

Adult maintenance


For this specie of gecko, we have set up 2 glass terrariums of 60/40/40 cm. The walls were covered with Epiweb plates in order to provide growth support for plants, mosses and good humidity.

It's a specie that lives in the humid mountainous regions of Japan, so daytime temperatures fluctuate between 24-26 ° C. You have to be careful to never exceed 27 ° C as they cannot withstand high temperatures. At night, the temperature can drop without worry to 18-19 ° C.


The humidity is also very important and 1 to 2 good sprays per day depending on the season with fresh water can maintain it effectively. It is a very shy species, it is therefore necessary to provide it a maximum of hiding places in the form of stones, branches and bark previously disinfected.

A 25 W ceramic lamp on thermostat, a 5.0 UVB and an aquarium LED provide the heat, UV rays and light necessary for the proper development of our geckos as well as plants.


Juvenile's maintenance 

Our juveniles lives by clutch in 37,5/40/30 cm PVC tanks . We use 25 watt heatpad and 2.0 UV lamp for heating. With this, we can reach 24-26 degrees on the most hot spot of the tanks which is really good for this specie.


Each tank is made with cork, substrate, coconut, sphagnum and ivy to provide them a lot of hides. It's natural for them, easy to clean for us and a good alternative between big bioactive tanks and racks. We feed all our juv roaches in bowls.

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