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Nos Uroplatus phantasticus reproducteurs

Satanic leaf-tailed geckos  

Ancalagon and Sinh

Ancalagon and Sinh are a NC 2018 Uroplatus phantasticus pair coming from a french owner. They arrived in our breeding in september 2021. That's a specie we weren't mean to get this soon but we had the budget, the occasion and a nice set up. It's really a dream specie for us cause we are passionate about small geckonnidae.  

They aren't classified as endangered specie according to the IUCN but they belong to the annex 2 of Washington convention . All individual must have a CITES document if it comes from outside Europe. They are even more fragile than the Goniurosaurus orientalis and that can't stand mistake in their maintenance . It's very interesting to have more complicated specie and also having one with arboreal manners. It's a stunning as much for the maintenance as for the behavior. 


Zallen is a beautiful red Uroplatus phantasticus female born in April 2022 in Christian Wolff breeding. She join our breeding project in 2022 to complete a trio with our actual pair in 2024. She's a really stunning female with her reddish color and belly markings, a real bomb in the making !

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