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Our Strophurus wellingtonae breeders

West spiny tailed gecko

Smarag and Greyll

Smarag and Greyll is a Strophurus wellingtonae pair by in 2022 by Philippe Alexander and Gabriel Gutel. We got them in 2022/2023 to complete a project in 2025 when they'll be fully grown. That's an endemic specie of west Australia that's arboreal, desertic and who's not often bred in captivity. This specie is protected by the third annex of CITES.

What's pretty incredible with the Strophurus gender in general is their defense mechanism against predators. when a specimen feels threathened, it adopt a "scorpion" like position with tail's up and squirt a foul liquid to deter predators. This substance is harmless unless it's combined with ammonia, it can become very flammable.


The liquid squirt from pores linked to caudal glands within the tail thanks to dorsal muscles. They can also stay completely still secreting the liquid to keep predators at bay before being detected by them. All the specimens of Strophurus gender use this stunning defense mechanism.

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